Twists and Turns of Life

I have been meaning to post more often than I have.  However, it seems I post when I can.  I will do my best to post at least once a week instead of every 3.  Today I can post, so here I go...
Life has been good and busy, but we have experienced a bump or two in the road.  Jason, Liam and I just returned from Flagstaff on  late Tuesday evening.  Our trip up to Flag was supposed to be a bit of a vacation.  Instead, it turned into a bit of a headache with lots of details to figure out.  Hanging out and playing in the woods turned into phone calls to AAA (triple A not the other AAA), finding a place to stay and figuring out a way to get home.
On Saturday morning, Jason Liam and I were headed out to the mountain bike race called the "Barn Burner" for Jason to race.  It was raining and muddy and the roads were pretty torn up so it was hard to see much.  Anyway, to make a long story shorter, we hit a rock and put a giant hole in the oil pan, which rendered us helpless on the side of the dirt road one mile from the race at 6 a.m.  Well we weren't helpless per se but we were in need of some help, and help is what we got.  Some friends opened there home to the three of us to stay and another friend let us barrow an old car of his while we were in town.  This is why we love Flag.  The people are awesome!  
This is one of those events where we could've easily let this ruin the day but we didn't.
After a brief discussion, Jason and I made the decision for him to continue with the plan to race and we would stay until his race was done.  Then, we would find someone to tow us into town and call a tow truck from there.  That is exactly what we did.  We spent the day at the race. Jason and Jake won in the duo category, and I spent the day chasing Liam on his little red, glider bike. Liam had a ball riding around the bmx track, with very little help from me, and loved being outside and watching the racers.  We found a tent for Liam to nap in and had some snacks.  All in all the day went quite well despite it's beginning.  
I guess what this little event taught us is that we can either react to the situation or respond in a way that is useful and beneficial.  Funny what a little breathing and an audible ' damn it!" can do to put things into perspective and direct the energy and mind toward the positive. The audible "damn it!" flew out of my mouth the minute we hit the rock.  Jason and I both knew a hit like that couldn't be good.  As you might agree,  this situation was less than ideal. However, we did make the most of it and am glad we did. 
The next few days involved getting our car to a mechanic to see what the damage to the car really was.  The good news is the engine is okay.  Yeehaa!  The car is still in Flagstaff and we have rented a car for the week.  I just found out that our car insurance will cover most of the cost of this accident and so am grateful and relieved. 
All in all, it seems things will be just fine and we should have our car back sometime next week.  The three of us are happy to be home and working on unpacking and getting caught up on the things we need to do.  I suppose this sums things up.  
Until next time, best wishes for a smooth ride!


  1. I have the best intentions when it comes to my blog too.. but life happens! : )
    I'm glad that you were able to regroup and make things work. And super glad that you had people to stay with.. but of course you would... you attract good peeps! ; )
    Here's too a lovely and perhaps less eventful beginning of your week! : )


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