Digging for Gold

The Essence of Light
Sometimes the rubble turns to gold  showing you nothing but light
The cracking and crumbling of the mold 
Makes it possible to see what's behind the facade 
And when everything falls apart
We are able to dig deep to see what we need
To do what we need to set ourselves free
It's a painful process... This process of letting go of what we think we know leaves us open and bare and sore. The rawness of it all is exactly what we need for the growth. We tear away the layers and dig up all the hurt leaving it out in the open for all to see Fresh flesh, like fresh earth We dig in the dirt We get dirty We examine the muck We plant the seeds of hope and wait to see what rises from within We let go of the hurt and in the spaces we've cleared, new things bloom... The seeds planted sprout into understanding Understanding gives way to compassion Compassion roots into the deepest part of the heart 
And in that place love blooms Your true essence shines through
I wrote this about a year and a half ago.  I just finally edited it.  Enjoy.


  1. I love it Marcia! It's so beautiful and all of your metaphors really touched me... I feel like I have been going through a similar process myself lately.
    Your writing is beautiful.. do you have more hidden nuggets for us? : )
    Hey I can't wait to see you in 2 weeks! I need to call you soon!


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