Matters of the Heart and the Art of a Good Life

Been meaning to write more often than I have. I think I am in that place where things are shifting but trying to take it all in. Actually, both Jason and I are experiencing a shift and a desire for change.
So a few days ago, Jason and I had this great conversation about what it is we desire for ourselves, each other, our family and our life together. We both took some time to think about and write down what is we really want and what it is that matters most to us individually and collectively. Intention and looking at the big picture makes a difference in the way things can and will go. Taking time look honestly at life offers the chance to see what is and what is not working and move forward from there. I am grateful Jason and I are wanting a lot of the same things. In fact, it's a relief. What we want, what our hearts desire is: balance in life; being able to find joy in the little things; passion in love and life, work we love and that makes a difference in the world in some way; cultivating more creativity; getting paid to do what we love; a way to work together; making a home that is a haven; financial freedom.
The list just given isn't everything but is the bulk of what we spoke of and shared. We are in that place where we are working toward letting go of the things that no longer serve us in order to make room for more of the good. Of course, I don't want to loose sight of the good that is already present in our lives, nor do I want to forget how fortunate we already are.
However, I sometimes feel like there is an element missing, some thing, some other talent or resource for the greater good that I am overlooking. I haven't figured this out yet. All I know is I feel this in my soul. I know the next piece of the puzzle will be discovered when the time is right. Even though I know this, I catch myself looking around and trying to figure it out. I suppose this is my impatient side, the let's-get-on-with-it side of me. In some ways I feel like I am not doing enough to figure it out, but maybe it's not for me to figure out. Maybe, it's just time to be and let the next step come to me.
In the meantime, how do we go about creating more of what we want while still appreciating what we've got? How do we go about making the highest vision a reality? I suppose the first step is the honest look at things. Sorting it all out into piles of keep or let go. From there, we focus on getting a clearer vision of the life we want. See it. Feel it. Believe it. Continue to make positive changes and make time to do what brings us joy and a sense of steadiness. Finally, continue to practice patience. After all, a good life is a work of art. And it takes a decent, dedicated amount of time to create something beautiful.
Besides, all good things require some work, a lot heart, and an unwavering faith that all IS coming! I have to remind myself to keep plugging along and make the most of where I am at this time so that I may enjoy my life as it is now. Otherwise, I may overlook what is right in front of me and fail to notice that a lot of what I want is already here. Of course, even as I appreciate what is, I recognize that things will further change and that there is always room for improvement and space enough to think big and dream big!
Pacing myself,


  1. I think that you have captured that period of change perfectly, Marcia! There is such a delicate balance between appreciating what you already have and striving to make you life all that you can. I often struggle with whether I am doing enough... or if I am being too impatient...
    I am glad that you and Jason took the time to see you do have similar goals... that is a really important thing to share with your partner(on so many levels!)
    I completely agree that a good life is a work of art... it does take dedication, hard work, and the ability to remember (& accept) that it is ever changing and growing towards the next beautiful moment.
    good to hear from you! : )


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