Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A period of Adjustment

And this is what I learned from class tonight... or this is what is on my mind tonight.
Transitions always require a period of adjustment,  adjustment to a new energetic environment, a new rhythm, a new feeling, a new way.  Along with the morphing of things on the outside comes some subtle or not so subtle changes on the inside.  Resistance is not uncommon especially when we expect things to go the way we know.   I think that getting to that place where the magic happens is not always easy or smooth.  In fact, at times, it can feel quite the opposite.
I think the key to a graceful transition is a sincere willingness and openness in the process of  the experience.   But, as the word transition implies, the changing of form and/or moving from one plane or place to the next can bring up a lot of emotions.   Sometimes at the beginning of new things or in the middle of the moment when things feel still is when the impatience shows up. The emotions rise to the surface and the clarity of the moment gets lost under the rippling currents of change. 
Outwardly things may look different but at the center it's the same.  Meaning if we hold to that place in our heart where there is both strength and softness and we breathe in the moment, then, we will glide along and navigate the constantly changing seascape with a little more ease.   Of course, if in this moment,  the ride into the unknown you find yourself trying to head in the other direction... let go.  Go along for the ride because you may just find you've ended up exactly where you want to be just in a round about sort of way. 
Currently in it,

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This Life is such a gift.
Don't waste a single minute of it!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Free Form... Letting it come and go.

 Perseverance is the quiet voice in your heart that tells you to keep going despite the fact that the voice in your head says to run the other direction.
Stay the course or be courageous enough to create a new path. Create a new path that has not been traveled before because it just may be that that is what you are meant to do.  Just keep going.  Continue to go in the direction you feel intuitively drawn to go and know that you don't need to know all the details. What you need to know for the next step will come when the time is right.  There is a real art to learning to maintain true faith and trusting in the possibility that all things will fall into place and all that you really need will arrive precisely on time.  
This is no easy time with the world I know feeling slightly wobbly and in limbo.  Odd thing is, I feel steady. Even with the heavy energy and uncertainty in the air, my heart feels light and my outlook positive. My practice and connection to Spirit has a lot to do with my current ability to stay buoyant during turbulent times.  Thank God for all this that is.   
The practice is more powerful and supportive than I can explain.  All I know is that yoga and the practice of connection on multiple levels offers endless opportunities for growth and deeper understanding at the soul level.  Learning to be in my body and direct my attention inward always settles my mind and opens the door of my heart so wide that sometimes it makes me feel bare and vulnerable.  I am so grateful that I no longer feel afraid to be so exposed and stripped to the bone so that only my essential essence shows through.  I have come to realize that feeling the fear and moving past that point of hold back comes the chance for great growth.  Less fear leads to  a grand occasion to expand beyond the boundaries so that I am able to see the world of Spirit and matter more clearly.  Only with the eyes of my heart am I able to do this and to see that more of the good stuff awaits.  I desire to rise and arrive.
Somewhere over the Rainbow in the dark night of the sky, the star in my heart shines,
P. S. 
I tend to over edit in an effort of perfection but this sometimes makes what I want to say or do or be stale.  So... tonight I will refrain from doing so.  Tonight, what comes to and through me is what is.