Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Next Big Adventure~

What you are looking at is a picture of , as Jason put it, our family's next big adventure.  Yes, this is a picture of baby number 2 in utero at 12 weeks and 3 days with its little hand up near its face.  Amazing isn't it?!

It was such a relief to hear the baby's heartbeat yesterday and see that the baby is thriving and doing well.  I felt like I was in a holding pattern with this pregnancy due to the fact that the last two have not been viable.  I didn't want to get too excited for obvious reasons.  Now that we have made it to this point, I feel like I can breathe a sigh of relief and let go into the experience.  The risk of a miscarriage at 12 weeks with the baby being healthy is only 1 or 2% .  The statistics are nice to read but the good feeling I have inside is an even better indicator of this being a happy, healthy pregnancy.  

It is so nice to actually be able to enjoy this experience now instead of feeling I am waiting to do so.  In about 6 weeks or so we will get to find out whether this little bean is a boy or a girl.  My feeling is that it is a girl.  I say this because I keep calling it a "she".  I haven't had any dreams during this pregnancy yet.  However,  I did have a dream during my last pregnancy of a little girl with lots of dark brown hair and big brown eyes.  She was a happy baby in my dream.   I will be sure to share any dreams I have of this little one.  So far my dreams are just plain weird.  

All in all, I feel good.  Jason is back home from Costa Rica and things have slowed down, which is a nice change.  It is hard to believe that the holidays are here and the end of the year is near. I have much to reflect on over this past year as it seems a lot has happened.  2010 has been a wild ride and not an easy one.  To be honest,  I am ready to say so long to this year and open myself up to what is next to come. 

So here I am making the most of the moment, welcoming our next big adventure, and loving every minute of it all.

Peace Out,

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


It's Wednesday morning, an average day.  It's cold this morning, well, at least to those of us who live in the desert.  The sun is doing its best to warm and brighten things up.  Liam is cuddled on the couch next to me.  We are both feeling lazy and slow this morning.  I am feeling a little tired because I stayed up until around midnight for no good reason.  I have some work to do around the house, a soup to make and a class to think about, so there is plenty to be done.  Of course, that is nothing new.

Last night I actually met up with a friend, had tea and great conversation.  It's odd that I don't do this more often because I need to spend some time with other people out of my house.  Anyway, it was so great to have someone to talk to about what has been on my mind and to have someone to talk to about the upcoming Teacher Training and finally get clear on what to do.  

You see,  I have been on the fence about attending the level 3 TT after having such a difficult time following the second one.  I have spent the last couple months trying to digest my experience and really try to understand why it left me feeling so off. I think that what I have come to realize is that it was just not what I needed to do for myself at that time.  It's not like I need to do another teacher training as I have done many.  This is not to say that I don't see the benefit in it because I do.  I just think that it is bad timing with regard to what is going on in my life at this time.  

During my conversation with my friend last night,  I realized that the word that kept coming up for me when thinking about attending this upcoming TT was, "strain".  It just seems like it would be a strain on my family in more ways than one at this time.  Also, I don't see the point in going on to do level 3 when I haven't really fully integrated the things I learned from the second training.  I am not someone who likes to do things to just do them.  I have to be clear on why I am doing what I am doing, make sure I am doing what I need for me, and I need to feel ready to receive what is next.  I feel I have plenty to work with at this time and, well, I feel like my energy and focus needs to be on my family at this time.  

In the future, I would really love to do the level 3 training because I would love to learn how to teach some of the more advanced poses since I don't often teach poses off that syllabus, and I really need to improve my understanding of the more advanced poses before I attempt to teach them. Maybe I will be up for the level 3 TT next year either here or somewhere else.  I am open.  All that being said,  I am a little bummed to miss being in such good company, as one of the best parts of a week-long training are the people.  I hope I can spend a little time with a few of my friends who will be in town at lunch or over tea to catch up and connect.  

The only thing that I would like to do before the year is out is attend the Yoga hour training with Darren and, maybe, the workshop with Darren, Noah, and Christina.  We will see.  I will just do what feels right. 

I suppose that about sums things up for now.  I can't believe it is near the end of the year. It is a good time for me to look over the past year and take it in so that I can be ready to set my intention for the new year.  

Have a great day,